This Week’s Inspiring B2B Social Media Posts

If you work in B2B social media and you have some of the same search terms and feeds set up as I do, you may have already seen these posts flash by your field of vision. Just in case you missed them, here are some recent posts that you might find relevant. It is a diverse mix of posts about general social media B2B, ROI, advertising, sales and hiring. If there are other recent posts that have been particularly inspiring to you this week (including your own), leave them in the comments below.

3 Reasons B2B Social Media Makes So Much Sense
by Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra) on the Radian6 blog
We’re talking about social media for B2B this month. (We wrote a nifty eBook about it just in case you missed it). It’s something that comes up over, and over, and over in conversations in our industry. There’s an impression sometimes that in business-to-business companies, social media just doesn’t have a strong case. But that simply isn’t true.
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ROI Absent From Yet Another Marketing Meeting
(also titled: Where In The World Is B2B Social Media ROI? when syndicated on another site)
by Jeremy Victor (@JeremyVictor) on
Is this a familiar scene? Are you spending a lot of time talking about B2B social media and content marketing, only not acting because you can’t find ROI?
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B2B Ads: Women click, men act
by Rebecca Lieb (@lieblink) on Econsultancy
How do businesspeople interact with online ads? Women click on them, men act on them, and both genders do so at vastly differing times of the day (and night).
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IBM’s social media skills initiative for partners
by Walter Adamson (@g2m) on Customer Think
IBM is often ranked in the top 50 of US companies in terms of social media savviness, but like most companies which sell indirect that savviness does not necessarily translate down through the channel. This means that channel partners are actually missing the opportunity to leverage the investment that IBM is making in social media to help grow their business.
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Six Tips for Recruiting a B2B Social Media Hire
by Elizabeth Sosnow (@ElizabethSosnow) on Spin Sucks
Public relations recruiting can be tough, but B2B social media recruiting activity almost put me into an early grave this year. We spent months searching for someone who understood how to marry the complexities of thought leadership creation and hands-on digital skills.
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    Thanks for the inclusion. It was a fun project to work on with Eloqua. Interestingly, I drafted the “Where in the world is B2B Social Media ROI?” title than later changed it to the title of the comic. Maybe I should have stuck with the original, what do you think?

    Thanks again.


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    Happy to include it. I saw the Where in the World title tweeted repeatedly, but I’m not sure if that was because it was on Social Media Today or because it had B2B social media in the title. Probably some of both. Regardless, I linked to your site, so I used that title. Personally, I like a title with social media B2B in it. Google usually does too.

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    Jeff: Thanks for posting this great list of posts. Readers may also want to read Cisco’s LaSandra Brill’s interview in which she explains how their recent campaign reached 90 times more people than usual, at 1/16th of the cost of conventional methods using Social Media Marketing:

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    The good thing about the web (and being the Editor In Chief) is that while it does pay to get it right the first time – changes can always be made. I changed it back: Where In The World Is B2B Social Media ROI?

    thanks for the advice

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