SMMS Review: Awareness Social Marketing Hub

As promised in the previous post All-In-One Social Media Management Tools for B2B Marketers, we’re going to take a look at several Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) and how they can assist B2B social media marketers.

To recap, a Social Media Management System allows social media teams to manage multiple social accounts from one application. Typically a SMMS will enable users to set roles and permissions, aggregate content, publish it, and manage and measure social media activity.

Our first review will be Awareness Network’s Social Marketing Hub. In the future we will also take a look at Spredfast, Argyle Social, HootSuite, Sendible, MediaFunnel, SproutSocial and SocialTalk.


Awareness Social Marketing Hub


The Awareness Social Marketing Hub lets serious marketing teams extend their brand messaging and campaigns to social networks. The Hub allows marketers to publish content, manage responses, engage directly with social contacts and measure results across all their social channels.

On the publishing side, Awareness supports the scheduled publishing of text, photos and videos to multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, YouTube, Foursquare and social communities. It includes a permissioning system, incorporates workflow functionality and has audit trails for publishing control and accountability.

You can manage all your content through the Social Marketing Hub, and easily update and delete social media content. The Hub keeps a record of all published content including date/time, destination and publisher. And you can engage with social contacts directly from within the application. Respond to comments collaboratively, flag comments for review by teammates, and delete comments from social channels.  Your entire team can join the conversation.

You can measure success by seeing how often content is viewed, favorited, shared or commented on. Sentiment measurement is also included, so you can easily find and react to both negative and positive user comments. The Social Marketing Hub also provides trend reporting so you can see how content performs over time.


Awareness is currently one of the more feature-rich SMMS applications available and provides support for a variety of social channels. The reports provide a consolidated view of all social media activity, and the range of reporting options enables you to view top-level or detailed metrics. The reporting will allow marketers to build comprehensive social media strategies based on their ability to manage how each channel and asset performs.

The Social Marketing Hub interface is streamlined and the learning curve should be minimal for anyone already managing social content.   Awareness releases updates on a regular basis, so the application is constantly evolving and improving.

Intended User:

The Social Marketing Hub is clearly a sophisticated enterprise-level application. A typical Awareness client is a large organization that has a team of marketers creating, publishing and measuring social media content.  Awareness clients include Sony, Kodak, McDonald’s, Hershey’s and Best Buy.

If you are part of social marketing team and feel that you don’t have the tools you need to centralize and organize social content management and reporting, then the Awareness Social Marketing Hub is likely a great option. Prices start at $1,000/month for 5 users/5 channels.

You can learn more about Awareness Networks at Follow @awarenessinc on Twitter

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  1. says

    Great review. For the sentiment tracking, is there a way for users to manually mark something as positive, negative or neutral? From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty hard to have auto-sentiment tracking be accurate.

  2. Karen Gutierrez says

    Thanks for this post, very informative! Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    My question is similar to Jason’s – does this tool allow for analytics around sentiment, influencers, etc. Or in the alternative, does it integrate with a measurement tool like Radian6? That’s key for me – bringing together the measurement and the content management.

    Thanks again for this series, great idea!

  3. says

    Great article! I am the CTO of Awareness, so let me chime in on a few questions.

    We do capture analytics on sentiment. Every comment made on those channels gets pulled back into our system as well as a record of who made it. We keep metrics on the content AND the author. So if someone who is normally positive leaves a negative comment its even more important to act on. There is no way to flag that sentiment manually. I think “sentiment” in our industry has a long way to go, especially on short comments like “good point”. I like that sentiment monitoring makes the extreme comments more obvious. Watch for a webinar where we share more of our roadmap.

    Regarding monitoring like Radian6. I think Radian6 is a great listening platform. Our tool is targeted at marketers and is content centric. Of course we should all listen, so we do have monitoring in our app. You can create watch terms to monitor across the Internet (not just twitter). We will save daily snapshots so you can see the change over time and compare that with the content campaigns you have launched.

    Let me come back to the comment moderation. If you want to show all the comments you got on a single piece of content from all the various social media channels, we have a widget you can put on your site. Its a great way to broadcast to many channels, but show the buzz right back in your site.

    Need more info? Visit our site and sign up for a webinar.

    Thanks Adam for a great overview.

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