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    What great advice. I was looking at my Google sorted e-mail folders and realized it was taking 15 minutes a day to automatically delete e-alerts and notices I was not even reading. Especially from the LinkedIn groups that I can reach anytime by going to the group site. “Simplify! Simplify” as Thoreau would say.

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I tend to go the other way and turn off all email alerts from the start. So I still have a cluttered emailbox, AND I have to go to LinkedIn Groups to see what’s going on. And thanks for the SmartBrief tweet, too.

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    What a timely article! With Independence Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to shed the shackles of social media overload. If something is really that worthwhile, it will pop up again on someone’s retweet or LinkedIn comment. Since my business is built on billable hours, time spent perusing email is lost revenue. The bottom line: Always watch the bottom line!

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    Guy: Thanks for stopping by and leaving the link

    Iris: Thanks for the comment. Yes, the underlying assumption of efficient is that our time is valuable and we can’t afford to waste time wading through information that is not useful.

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    Jeffrey, you must have had my picture taped to your monitor when you wrote this post. You described me to a “t.” I deviated from my primary social media project for a nanosecond to focus on a non-profit project and the next thing I knew my feed reader and email accounts were overflowing and psychologically paralyzing. Now I find I haven’t posted any meaningful content for months and I’m feeling disconnected from my community. I think your excellent and timely advice is just what I need to find my creative flow again. Thank you!

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    Thanks so much for the comment and I am glad I could provide some timely advice. By the way, you are smiling in the picture that’s taped to my monitor.

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    Your advice on RSS Reader and Twitter is extremely helpful. Due to the fact that RSS feeds are never urgent, I ended up with a lot of unread ones that overwhelm me, sometimes we just have to let some of them go. It is great advice to keep your following list on twitter small to make it useful. Thanks.

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