The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Facebook’s Updated Page Admin Control

Facebook finally updates one of its most business unfriendly controls by giving page admins the ability to remove other admins, regardless of who created the page. This was announced late last week on the Facebook Page for Facebook Pages. Previously, the creator of a page had rights above all other admins, due to the fact that they could never be removed. This created a real problem for B2B companies who had pages created by outside agencies or consultants. It was also a problem with internally created pages when companies had staff turnover. The page was forever linked to the original creator’s personal profile.

Facebook’s instructions for removing admins are very simple:

1. Click the “Edit Page” link below the Page’s photo.
2. On the right hand side, click the “Remove admin” link in the Admin section to remove selected admins.

The Good

It is a good move by Facebook to allow the creator admin of the page to be removed. There have been many requests in their support forums to add this functionality, so this was a much needed feature.

The Bad

Facebook has given all admins the ability to remove any admin. Having one admin with the ability to remove admins is probably a better way to manage this. It could be a transferable function from the creator admin. Many users have commented that giving all admins this right gives them too much power to hijack a page, but others wisely point out that giving someone admin rights on a Facebook page is already trusting them with a high level of brand stewardship. I would argue it is more important for the existing admins to have the ability to remove the creator admin. It is more likely that this situation would be necessary, rather than an admin going rogue and removing the other admins on the way to trashing a B2B company page.

The Ugly

Facebook page administration is still tied to personal profiles. This creates a difficult situation for corporate brands. This means that one of their brand assets, and in many cases, a large and important asset, is effectively owned by employees or vendors. I have written about a workaround when creating a new Facebook page, but it does not have any effect on existing pages. Creating a business profile account, as recommended in the linked article, is only possible when creating a new page or signing up for Facebook’s ad program. A workaround could be to create a new page for the sole purpose of creating a business profile that you can add to the list of admins on the main page.

Best Practice: If your Facebook page is managed by an outside, third-party vendor, ask them to add someone from your company as an admin. While your company may not do anything on the page, they need to have access the page and now they have the ability to remove other admins.

This is a sign that Facebook is moving in the direction of providing proper business functionality, but until they address company ownership of pages, many B2B companies are just not going to be comfortable with the state of Facebook Pages.


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