Importance of Mobile Strategy in B2B Marketing Mix

Christina “CK” Kerley, B2B Marketing Specialist at CKB2B Marketing, and Chris Koch, Associate Director of Research & Thought Leadership at ITSMA, sat down at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Boston and discussed the importance of integrating mobile approaches into the B2B Marketing mix. This is a great example of a hallway conversation that continues after a session, although it was arranged for video. For more of their thoughts and ideas, or to ask them follow-up questions to this video (in addition to leaving them in the comments below), follow them on Twitter at @CKSays and @CKochster.

Production Note: This is an odd beep in the beginning, but it goes away after the first minute.

They discuss the following topics:

  • Why should B2B companies consider mobile marketing?
  • What are some critical success factors for B2B companies and mobile marketing?
  • What are some other approaches to B2B mobile marketing?

Have you developed a mobile marketing strategy for your B2B company? This is just as important for small businesses as it is for enterprise-size businesses.


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    Thanks for great examples of B2B mobile marketing. I particularly love the expression “A mobile phone is an Internet device that just happens to ring.”

    I’m taking a 10-week course in mobile marketing through StomperNet, the Internet marketing membership site. Our instructor, Dan Hollings, who developed the mobile marketing campaign for “The Secret,” has encouraged us to share great articles, videos, White Papers, etc. in the forums. I’m going over there right now to link to this video.

    Business to consumer, particularly for bricks-and-mortar stores, is easy to understand. But mobile for B2B is a little harder to comprehend. Thanks for your insights.

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    Thanks for your comments. Glad this video shed some light on the importance of mobile in B2B. Good luck with you course, and thanks for sharing the video with your class.

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    In this gigantic market of mobile devices, there are still huge portion of homogenous shares. I mean, it is difficult to talk universally about a big market with big figures. In general, digital processes have and will have a strong impact on any kind of business. All mobile Strategie brains need to come out and draw creative concepts. But there is also a lot of hype, thus there is the danger to invest wrongly. Having said this, it is very important to have a strong strategy but equally important is the execution and to adjust dynamically.

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