7 B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of

With the vast array of social media tools out there, it’s easy for some useful ones to get lost in the mix. Here’s a few that might be flying below the radar, but can be valuable tools for B2B marketers.

1. Social Mention
Cost: Free

For those of you that use Google Alerts you may want to take a look at Social Mention. Social Mention is a real time search platform that will allow you to search on a keyword/phrase and see its social mentions across 100+ social media properties. It offers a strength score, sentiment ratio, a passion score and reach. This stream of information can be fed into your RSS feeds or be delivered to your inbox. It also displays Top Users, Top Hashtags, and Sources. It’s a great addition to your listening toolbox.

2. Flowtown
Cost: Free trial, monthly fees based on imported contacts and email volume

When all you have is an email address, Flowtown can give you a name, age, gender, occupation, location and all the social networks that person is on. It’s a great resource if you need to append your customer file with social network profile information, learn more about the social habits of your database or if you want to target them on social networks.

3. Compendium Blogware
Cost: Varies depending on number of keywords

You should consider Compendium if you rely on your blog for SEO results. Compendium’s Blogware product helps you target keywords because it automatically organizes your content in a way that’s ideal for search engines to crawl. It also has great administrative tools with a step-by-step approval process so you can manage your blog content within your organization.

4. Trackur
Cost: Free for 1 saved search, plans for multiple saved searches

Trackur is a social media monitoring tool that provides an impressive set of features at very reasonable costs. You can save searches which are updated every 30 minutes, receive alerts via RSS or email, bookmark and save discovered items and track sentiment and trends. You can try it for free which includes one saved search, so its easy to give it a test run to see if its right for you, and if so just upgrade into one of the paid plans.

5. Swix
Cost: Free (for now)

Swix is your social web index. It allows you to create pods, which is a way to see your metrics for a particular social media property (Twitter, YouTube, your blog, Flickr, MySpace, etc.) Then for each property, you can enter your amount spent, your cost per unit and then see your return on investment. It’s simple to use. For a great review of Swix, read Jay Baer’s post A Social Media Scoreboard that Works.

6. Addictomatic
Cost: Free

Addictomatic instantly creates a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic. Pick the channels where you want to source your information then save your search as a bookmark. It’s a helpful way to determine the buzz about your product or service, find potential audience and to see what channels are sources of content for your keywords/phrases.

7. Spiral 16
Cost: N/A

Spiral 16 offers 3D Visual Mapping. Their visualizer displays the relationships between unique URLs in dynamic 2D and 3D maps. This enables users to quickly identify key influencers who are spreading a positive, negative, or neutral message about a topic across the Internet. It can help you discover trends, identify targets, measure campaigns and sentiment and increase customer loyalty.

Are there any other tools you find useful in your B2B marketing research, monitoring or ROI calculations? Leave us a comment with your favorites.


  1. Adam Holden-Bache says


    Even though they have similar features I use them different- perhaps due to the way they market themselves. I’ve been using Social Mention as an alert tool and Trackur for monitoring. But there is a good bit of overlap with sentiment info, influence/reach, etc. Trackur offers the ability to edit sentiment, which is useful. I see your point here – perhaps a comparison of the two will make for a good future post…


  2. says

    Good post, we use a few of those. What’s your favorite monitoring tool? We were looking at Radian 6 – I’m looking for opinions on what’s the most efficient.

  3. says

    Hi Adam-
    Thanks for including Spiral16. For B2B specifically, our breath of data is really important. We’re is not limited to only social media. We pick up data from reference sites, directories, non-traditional trade publications – to give an accurate idea of the space.

    Eric Melin
    @Spiral16 @SceneStealrEric

  4. says


    You’ll probably need to try a couple monitoring tools to figure out what’s most efficient for you. Your budget, number of searches and level of analysis required will likely steer you towards an appropriate choice. Radian 6 is a great product, so definitely explore it as an option. If its more than you need right now, Trackur and Viral Heat may be worth considering. Good luck!


  5. says


    Another tool for B2B social media is Sysomos Heartbeat, a social media monitoring and measurement service. It features automated sentiment, geo-demographics and integration with salesforce.com. More information can be found here: bit.ly/aTFfoP

    cheers, Mark

    Mark Evans
    Director of Communications
    Sysomos Inc.

  6. says

    Thanks that really handy having that list… I think it’s really important to monitor the client’s brand, their competitors and keywords that best define who they are. That way you’ll also get an idea of the buzz being created around your client. Much easier to start the campaign as well as define who your target audience. We’ve had some great success rates when coming to Social Media campaigns. In fact you might be interested in the case studies over on the main B2B Marketing Website or http://www.b2bm.biz/knowledgebank/social-media/

  7. says

    Great post. Your reviews and feature comparison matrix should prove helpful to those interested in researching reputation management tools. Thanks for sharing!


  8. says

    Just tried addict-o-matic and we all now love it… though inevitably not all the returned content is relevant/current. But looks great and works as a snapshot across media platforms:)

  9. says

    Very useful Adam! I went ahead and visited each of these sites to see if there would be a fit for my recon and analytics. Suffice to say, most of these are good aggregators of social media content. The Reputation sites seem to be somewhat useful and the Swixapp is very nice!

  10. says

    Hi Adam,

    I happened to find your article and I’m glad I did, I hadn’t heard of Flowtown; I had heard of some of the others but they are always fun to play around with. I work for Synthesio which unfortunately isn’t as easy to play around with on your own, but I can definitely fill you in on all the good info about some quality web monitoring if you’ve got a minute 😉

    Best, Michelle @Synthesio

  11. says

    Flowtown!! Definitely an awesome tool that can give anyone a ton of info on the people on their contact list.

    Social Mention is also great, as it helps us know whenever we’re mentioned, and allows us to stay on top of our social presence.

    Also, check out Fan ReTargeting – http://www.fanretargeting.com – it serves ad units that allows people to like your brand on Facebook DIRECTLY from the ad. Furthermore, the ad’s targeted only to people who have visited your website.

  12. says

    Wow, what a great resource. Always looking for new ways to track and do research. I didn’t know about some of these. Thanks!

    Escapee DJ

  13. says

    Thanks for sharing this. Although it is a little slow, I already see that socialmention.com is definetly becoming important to me.

  14. says

    I have been to lot of social media sites but never seen such useful tools for my B2B marketing. all tools may be not worth of spending time on it but definitely some of these tools will be great tools for my social media marketing

  15. says

    Check out http://www.engagesciences.com this is the first time that lead nurturing programs have been able to be extended to social nurturing. Email marketing really took off when it was properly integrated to web analytics, will this do the same for social media marketing in B2B now it can be properly integrated with website campaigns?

  16. says

    We are a technology company in the UK that has been involved in social media for a fair few years now and its interesting to hear many of you say you use some tools for monitoring and other tools for engagement etc

    We have built a comprehensive tool that allows management, engagement, monitoring and protection of all of your social media pages.

    We are new and you will probably not of heard of us yet, so I thought we would be relevant to this blog. Although we are being used by some of the biggest and well known brands in the world so you will hear more from us shortly.


  17. says

    Great information please to check out Triple Click interactive http://www.tripleclickint.com/ a new technology on behavioral marketing.

    i think it will be a great tool for anyone intending to target users after they have left their site, if offers a great chance also to advertise to users who have never landed on your website but are searching on search engines like Google or Bing

  18. says

    Have a look at http://business.netvibes.com We have seen a number of agency and brand clients in the last six months transition to Netvibes as an aggregator platform for all their social media monitoring, marketing and analytics tracking, and company intranet solutions. We provide the platform to host all your complimentary tools in one destination with seamless integration.

  19. Stephanie Nelson says

    Nice post, Adam! Thanks for sharing these tools. I’d heard of some of them, but this was a nice reminder that I need to check them out again. And I will definitely be checking out the ones I didn’t know about before!

    Stephanie Nelson
    @StephanieNelson / @BetterWebPeople

  20. says

    You should check out EvoApp as an emerging social media monitor and customer service solutions specialist.

    We offer a 30 day free trial for anyone interested .. and we can set up no – hassle demos in short time.

    EvoApp is a centralized portal that does volumetric and sentiment analysis for all forms of communications including, but not limited to, emails, phone calls and all social media types such as twitter, blogs, social feeds etc. You can use the social media module to look at before and after marketing campaigns and do competitive analysis, sentiment analysis, media monitoring, etc..

    You can use the direct communications module which archives and rates the polarity (positive to neutral to negative) of your customer’s communications to the company by tying into the email, phone, etc. This module I.D.’s problematic discussions quickly and allows you to pre-emptively rectify customer issues.

    EvoApp in a nutshell: an interactive, integrated communications hub for visualizing, analyzing and interacting with the entire communications heartbeat of an enterprise. It goes beyond just social media monitoring, something we like to call “Relationship Intelligence”.

    We would be glad to show you guys a demo of our powerful software, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!

  21. says

    Great stuff Adam! I’ve been really doing a lot of research as we are really moving into trying to explain the Social ROI issue with our clients or prospects.

    One site I found that is pretty good is Sprout Social. It’s free for a month and then it has a low monthly. Easy to use interface and very straightforward. hope this helps!

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