BlackBerry Apps for B2B Marketing

Sometimes, it feels like iPhones get all the app lovin’ – especially when you’re one of the 21 million people using a BlackBerry smartphone for work and/or play.

As the top mobile phone for businesses, it makes sense B2B marketers would be on the hunt for apps that make their jobs – and lives – easier. Unfortunately, as this blogger puts it, the BlackBerry App store can seem like a pawn shop that only sells used 8-track players, as app development for the BlackBerry hasn’t experienced the same fast and furious push as the iPhone.

Still, the BlackBerry was made with businesses in mind, and its applications can make B2B marketers’ jobs more efficient on the go. Here are a few that touch the platforms marketers are already – or should be – using to connect with customers:

1. Twitter

Twitter has changed the way companies market themselves, 140 characters at a time. There are many great examples of savvy B2B marketing campaigns set to the tune of Twitter, but not nearly as many useful apps to help marketers use the microblogging service on the go. Last week’s announcement of an official Twitter for BlackBerry app may change that, but it is not in full release yet. The app many BlackBerry users are familiar with is TwitterBerry, which was recently rebranded as OpenBeak. Despite the rebrand, the service’s clunky features have placed it behind newcomers with more features.

UberTwitter has become the Twitter client of choice for most BlackBerry users, including myself. This client lets you switch between multiple accounts (a plus for those juggling personal and professional accounts), see Twitter users near you and navigate through a clean, uncluttered interface. TwiXtreme earns points for its colorful layout (tagline: The first BlackBerry Twitter client that makes you happy) and Seesmic for BlackBerry is a good choice for users familiar with the Seesmic desktop version.

TweetGenius ($7.99) comes with a hefty price tag, and even heftier features (including a URL shortener, extensive options menu and built-in themes) many users have deemed worthy of its cost.

2. Offline to Online Networking

Much has been made about the importance of online to offline networking, but what about taking “real life” encounters and sustaining them online?

After a day’s (or night’s, weekend’s or week’s) worth of meetings, conferences, trade shows and social events, business cards of potential customers can start to add up. CardSnap ($4.99) takes photos of these cards using your phone’s camera and converts them into contacts stored in your phone.

3. Blogging

Whether you write an in-house B2B blog for your business or contribute case studies, commentary and best-practices to a B2B industry blog, there are BlackBerry apps available for many of the most popular blogging platforms.

WordPress for Blackberry allows users to write posts, upload photos and videos, edit pages and manage comments from its mobile interface. Both and self-hosted WordPress (2.7 or higher) sites are supported. TypePad users can blog on its mobile BlackBerry application, while Blogger users are stuck with posting via email or text messages (SMS and MMS).

4. Location-based apps

They’re still a work in progress, but location-based apps and services are poised to be the next must-add to a business’ marketing mix. According to this article, there are now more than 6,000 location-based iPhone apps, 900 Android apps and 300 BlackBerry apps, putting BlackBerry users in the minority when it comes to becoming familiar with the platforms their clients and potential customers may be using. In addition, nearly half of the location-based service apps in the BlackBerry app store are paid clients, keeping adoption rates even lower.

Foursquare, a leader in the location-based app world that was called “the next Twitter” by Mashable, just introduced a free beta version for BlackBerry 8000 and 9000 series users. The service combines location updates with a user point system, and it has attracted the attention of businesses looking to reward and connect with loyal customers.

Loopt, a similar service minus the gaming aspect, also has a BlackBerry mobile version, and, while not an “official” in-house app, myKite for BlackBerry (previously known as BrightBerry) takes Brightkite on the road.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at other BlackBerry apps that help public relations pros and sales teams better compete in the B2B space. What BlackBerry apps have you found helpful when it comes to managing your marketing mix, engaging on social sites or keeping up with the industry and competitors?


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    I was just having a conversation about this with a co-worker: how will LBS/location-based applications affect the B2B space? I can see the direct effect on the B2C space. One implication on the B2B space I see is at, for example, trade shows. Beyond that, though – I’m not sure how I see it playing out. I’m looking forward to more posts on this topic. Thanks!

  2. says

    I’m glad to see there are finally some decent apps coming out for blackberry but if the app market doesn’t catch up soon, I’ll be migrating to the droid once my current contract is up.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels left out so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Thanks for posting on some of the better apps.

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    MeetingWave will soon be launching applications for offline networking, providing the same controls, flexibility & privacy provided on the website for meeting new clients, customers or contacts.

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    Alan – great minds think alike! Good to know you’re thinking about the viability for location-based apps in the B2B space as well. Kipp recently wrote a piece on it, with your trade idea as an important component:

    Michelle – you’re definitely not alone! I’m a BB user, and it’s definitely harder to find apps. During my research for this post I came across a lot of B2B resources (including MarketingProfs) that have iPhone apps but not BB. I’ve considered the Droid as well.

    JB – thanks for the heads up on MeetingWave. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it.

    We’re going to look at apps for PR pros and sales teams coming up – any other jobs in the B2B world you’d like us to take a look at in terms of the app possibilities?

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    Hi Karlie,
    I was curious to know your opinion on our TexTango BB mobile application. Would you be so kind as to try it out and let us know of your experience. Your thoughts and feedback is highly appreciated.

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    How about apps for Product Comparison in the B2B Space? Say a Server Comparison.
    If for example, TEC or TopTenReview comes out with their reviews as Apps, wouldn’t it serve the Business Community?
    How about Newsletter Apps????

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