5 Great B2B Social Media Posts You Might Have Missed

Our goal at SocialMediaB2B.com is to help educate people about the practice of social media within B2B environments, so with that in mind we would like to share some recent posts about social media in B2B that have gotten a lot of traction the last few weeks. These are from people who write exclusively about B2B and from people who write about social media in business. If have read all of these, that’s great and this is just a reminder that you might want to glance over them again on a Friday afternoon or share them with your colleagues. If any of these are new to you, we are glad that we can provide some helpful information.

1. Social media & B2B: Interactions are opportunities
by Rich Harris (on Jennifer Leggio’s blog)

2. The Business of Social Media: B2B and B2C Engagement by the Numbers
by Brian Solis

3. Social Media For B2B
by Amber Naslund

4. Crushing the Myth of B2B Social Media
by Jay Baer

5. B2B vs. B2C: Why is Social Media MORE Opportune For B2Bs Than B2Cs? It’s The ENGAGEMENT Level, Stupid.
by Christina “CK” Kerley

What are some recent articles you have found helpful in developing your social media programs?


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    Thanks so much for including my post on this incredible list. It’s terrific to see some emphasis on B2B social media for once. Keep up the great work here. This site is a tremendous resource. Cheers,

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    Thanks for stopping by. The more people write about and talk about social media in B2B, the more B2B organizations will understand that the principles of social media can work in their environments.

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