How Twitter And LinkedIn Integration Impacts B2B Social Networking

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A recent partnership between two major players in the online social networking space will make some changes for B2B professionals looking to network online. Twitter and Linkedin have announced a partnership that will allow LinkedIn status updates to be published to Twitter and all or selective Twitter updates to be sent to LinkedIn.

I have long noticed that LinkedIn Statuses seem to go months without getting updated, while Facebook statuses and Twitter streams are constantly updated. I also realize that a large number of our readers spend more time on LinkedIn than they do on Facebook and Twitter. For those active in B2B social networking, the integration of Twitter and LinkedIn makes life slightly easier. If you spend a lot of your time on LinkedIn it is now slightly easier to update Twitter and the opposite is true as well.

LinkedIn Blog » Blog Archive LinkedIn works with Twitter, and vice versa «

Selective Updates From Twitter

LinkedIn is likely the “winner” in this new partnership because it will now see a big influx of new activity and data being pumped into its system. For individuals who are heavy Twitter users, the ability to tag a selected updated with “#in” and send it to LinkedIn is a great option. The number of tweets sent per day are too much for a LinkedIn status and not all of them may fit with the business audience on LinkedIn.

Tips For Making the Most Out Of Twitter And LinkedIn Integration

Just like any type of new feature their are good ways and bad ways to leverage it. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that I would recommend considering as you connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

1. Don’t post all of your Twitter updates to LinkedIn
2. Don’t post only your tweets about products and your own blog posts to your LinkedIn status
3. Do share some personal information on Linkedin to give your connections a better idea of your personality
4. Do post status updates from LinkedIn that drive traffic to your LinkedIn Questions and Groups
5. Do think about both your Twitter Followers and LinkedIn connections and share information that is relevant to BOTH of them when cross posting.
6. Don’t abandon one of the communities. Just because you can post from Twitter to LinkedIn, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be active on LinkedIn, actually the opposite is true. Cross posting should mean that you are spending more time in both communities.

The Twitter and LinkedIn partnership won’t be a big deal for everyone, but will be a welcome feature for some. Are you excited about this new integration? Can it make LinkedIn Statuses relevant instead of dusty relics that nobody looks at?


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    I think this will be huge! Linkedin is described all over the web as a Rollodex! It needs an image update and integrating with Twitter for more frequent updates is a great idea!

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