B2B Social Media Needs Surveys And Data That Doesn’t Suck

I am fed up. I am sick of it.

Everyday I read about new social media research from all across the web. While the title maybe be catchy, the research within the post falls short and does little to move the business case for social media ahead.

For example this is a recent survey I read:

IT Pros Favor Facebook And YouTube | WebProNews

IT Pros Favor Facebook And YouTube

What value does that information really provide? It stated what we already knew – that Facebook and Youtube have the largest market share on the social web. This type of data isn’t the publication’s fault. No, it is our fault. We fawn over this data because it “validates” our side of the argument. When in actuality we should be asking better questions to make more informed business decisions.

Asking The Right Questions

I am not going to complain without offering some thoughts of my own on how to improve B2B social media statistics and research. It is my belief that we need to ask the right questions to better focus the results we get. In the B2B social media space we also need to look deeper at how social media applies to different niches, from manufacturing to biotech and every sector in between.

Big Questions I Would Look To Answer

* How Does Social Media Impact Offline Word-Of-Mouth In B2B Industries?
* What Are The Current Internet Access Policies And Firewall Limits For B2B Buyers?
* How Is Social Media Adoption Happening Across All Levels Of An Organization?
* What Are The Key ROI Metics Needed To Increase Investment In Social Media?
* How Important Is Search In Educating B2B Buyers?

These are only a handful of important questions we need to get answered. It is my charge to you that together we will push for research and data that provides valuable insight, instead of only justifying what we want to believe.


  1. says

    Good points. Other questions I would be interested in seeing answered (and it’s definitely possible they already have been but I just don’t know about it).

    – In businesses where partners do most of the selling, how does social media impact the business-partner relationships?
    – How does social media affect people’s perceptions of quality and trust in b2b companies?
    – What is the best way to train employees on using social media for their own benefit and for the company’s benefit?
    – How many B2B companies are making social media participation part of the job description vs. treating it as icing on the cake vs. actually rewarding employees for learning it/doing it?

  2. Jeremy Victor says


    I am with you on this 100%. So much of what is out there right now seems more designed as traffic generation to a blog than useful information a B2B marketer can use to effectively develop a strategy to market their company.

    I full support of deeper, more meaningful metrics.

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