5 Things to Do at Your Next B2B Conference

Whether you manage social media programs or a corporate blog, next time you attend an industry conference, approach it like a content creator and you will actually get more out of the conference or tradeshow. Many others will be networking, exchanging business cards, and looking for new business, but you will be more engaged in the industry event if you focus on content creation. This will also start to position yourself and your company as industry thought leaders.

Thinking like a content creator is changing your focus to gathering and distilling information. Here are 5 things you can do to think like a content creator. These ideas assume you have a simple video camera like a Flip Cam or Kodak Zi8, but you can always interact with people by taking notes. It just might not capture the flavor of the person’s words.

1. Meet the Keynote Speaker and do a short video interview
The easiest way to conduct a short video interview is to prepare three high level questions which you can ask and showcase the speaker. It is more important to share their words, rather than present your point of view. Remember that conferences are noisy, so try to find a quiet room to conduct this interview.

2. Pick One Competitor and ask them why their product or service is better than yours
Chances are that you already have contacts at your competitor, so it should not be hard to have this conversation. You can frame this question as a blog post that you are working on. It would be great to do this on video, or even on the record, but an informal conversation works as well.

3. Talk to an industry journalist about the top industry trends

Journalists, or even bloggers, who cover the space are frequently able to provide a broad view on your industry and can often easily encapsulate their thoughts in a short list of trends. They are usually willing to do a short interview where you can take notes. This is good content for both your company blog and for internal intelligence.

4. Interview one of the Conference Organizers

Conference organizers, especially if it is a smaller conference, are happy to talk about the process of planning the conference. They are probably completely swamped during the event, so you should make contact and plan to followup with an email interview after the dust clears. And by the way, conference organizers are frequently well-connected contacts that are good to have.

5. Go to the Demo or Presentation and Find a New Product or Service

Anyone with a new product or service is happy to talk to you about their new offerings. Again, great to do a video interview if you have a small camera and can find a quiet spot, but mobile photos and a brief write-up can serve the purpose as well.

Please let us know if you have any more suggestions for techniques to create content at your next conference or tradeshow?

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