3 Reasons B2B Companies Should Tweet From Facebook

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It was announced yesterday that Facebook pages are now integrated with the popular microblogging platform Twitter. What does this integration have to to with your business?

A major issue most companies or individuals have when beginning to execute a social media marketing strategy is developing a work flow that allows them to get their ideas and content on the web in a timely manner. Facebook just helped solve a little of your workflow problem with its integration with Twitter.

Now that I have hinted at one reason you should care, let’s take a look at all 3 reasons why this integration is important to you.

1. It is now easier to get Facebook and Twitter approved – For many folks in the B2B space a major hurdle in executing a social media strategy is getting approval from their company’s legal team. Often times legal departments have a lot of issues with blogs, but it seems that Facebook is a little easier to get approved, due to its popularity and the controls the platform provides. A Facebook page is public so anyone can view it, not just your fans. In a way that makes it the easiest blog that most B2B communicators can launch. Now that Facebook has integrated Twitter it makes the discussion easier on a tactical level to get engagement approved on both platforms at the same time.

2. Staff can reduce time distributing content – Sure, sharing content on Facebook and Twitter separately doesn’t take a huge amount of time, but it if you can cut it in half, why not do it. Now when you update content on your Facebook page it will automatically update your Twitter account. One important thing to know is that you still need to monitor Twitter to see what type of conversations your content is generating over there as well as on Facebook.

3. Cross promoting is now easier – A challenge in building online communities of customers is that you often have different people spread across different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. Each of these platforms offers a different way to engage with individuals. By sharing information directly from Facebook to Twitter, you now have an easier way to drive Twitter followers to your Facebook page. Once there they can view images and videos and become a fan of your page.

Engaging with customers online can be time consuming and at the center of it has to be great content. With this announcement yesterday Facebook made the lives of B2B marketers a little easier.

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  1. says

    Hey Kip,

    This is great information and it helped @ncbiotech get our Facebook presence re-configured and integrated with Twitter. Yes, it will definitely help with workflow and being in more spaces with the same effort.

    One thing I’m still struggling with – we have very robust online content and I’d like more ability to feed into Facebook, not use Facebook to feed those things. But maybe that’s one for another day.


  2. says

    I agree totally with #1 and partially with #3. #2 though I think should be revisited. The most sustainable and impactful way to build relationships on Twitter, for a B2B (and everybody really) is through conversation not distribution. IMHO Twitter’s greatest asset is it’s ability to house conversation and that’s where B2B’s should spend the bulk of their resources – in which case the Facebook Twitter app really isn’t going to save you any time.
    Regarding #3, I agree with Robin – Facebook is great for aggregating content, not so much for distributing it. But as Robin writes, that’s probably for another day.



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