10 Things a B2B Company Can Do to be Social Now

Many people at B2B companies have reservations about jumping into social media for their company. To some it seems like a waste of time, resources, and just downright silly. Adding a social element to your marketing message is new and the loss of control can be overwhelming.

Yet at the same time, millions of business professionals each day are reaching as far as their keyboard for the answers they need most. People are looking for information, yes, but they’re also looking for other people, too. Companies they can trust. In this environment, corporate transparency is critical for your company. Research also shows that buyers in the B2B sector are one of the largest groups participating in online social networks.

What is the 2nd most viewed page on your website?
For most business websites, the second most viewed page is the About Us page, if there is one. If you are not sure what your highest viewed pages are I suggest you get your hands on your Google Analytics and check it out. Your About Us page is so popular because people want to know who they are doing business with, where they went to school, their expertise and what they look like. Curiosity is part of being human and knowing these details lowers your personal risk in the buying cycle. Here are some easy updates you can make to this popular page.

1. Add photos of your staff
2. Add a link to each employee’s LinkedIn profile
3. Update staff bios to accurately describe their expertise and cut out the gobbledygook

Start an informative blog about your industry
There are so many benefits to blogging – targeting long tail search terms, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and more. Regardless of whether your company is B2C or B2B, people are searching for more information, product demos, and answers to questions related to what you do. Be there when they are searching and find a way to close that lead.

4. Write about things your next business partner, customers, or members are searching for.
5. Update your blog regularly – at LEAST once a week
6. Make sure the design of your blog matches the design of your company website

Taking Social Media Seriously
The most important part of social media is defining a strategy. Find communities that matter to your industry and own them! Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to be a part of every social networking site. Just like a person who has 10 business titles, it can show a lack of specialization and dilute your message if your company has too many profiles with little depth. You provide a product or service that other companies need for their businesses to thrive. Put out good content related to your offerings so people with that need will find you!

7. Be the best you that you can be. Don’t try to be someone else
8. Generate good helpful content and not a constant sales pitch
9. Recommend vendors and business partners on social networking sites
10. Add links to your social media sites in the footers of your outgoing email – let people know where you are available to connect

The internet is social. Users can more easily produce content, comment on that content and share the information they find most entertaining and useful. Your business’s internet marketing strategy needs to have a social aspect to it. These were just a few ideas on how to get started. There are lots of more ways to be involved but the formula that will work best for your organization is based on your goals. Your strategy is not determined by what you are ready for, but by what your customers and prospects need.


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    You are correct of course. Social interaction will produce traffic that you would never have thought of before. A B2B business that has a Blog will also draw more traffic than a standard statice website. If you are too busy to blog, a 3rd party blog is one that will do the blogging for you.

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    Thanks for the post. This is good info for B2B companies who are skeptical about putting their toe in the water of social networking. Just a few small steps can get a company started networking quickly without feeling “silly.” Thanks again!

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    The main problem with a B2B blog is not to generate the traffic, but to get the visitors to visit the B2B website itself.
    People interested in the blog post are not necessarily interested in your web site or solutions.

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    3rd Party and Alexander,
    Thank you for the comments. Sometimes jumping into this social media “thing” can seem daunting but it can be pretty easy to ease into. It is more the shift that has to take place inside your head and marketing strategy – that is the hard part. To switch to a more conversational approach.
    Thanks again for your comments!

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    Engago team,

    I don’t know if I agree that people who visit a blog are not interested in your website. Are you talking about having them as separate domains? You can very easily make a blog a PART of your website.

    The beauty of a blog is regularly putting out content so people find your site in a variety of ways AND establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. OF COURSE when it is time to make a decision about a purchase they go to you because you have shown them you know what you are talking about.

    Just read a good case study on Web Ink Now about a B2B company that used a blog to get to the top in search rankings: http://www.webinknow.com/2009/08/colin-warwick-shows-how-a-b2b-company-makes-the-first-page-on-google.html

    Hope and of that helps!

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    So glad I came across this site, a true wealth of knowledge and expertise as I try to learn more and more about how the company I work for can harness the power of social media at both a B2C and B2B level.

    Amanda, I absolutely love your points regarding the About Us page and setting up a blog. I’m quite the blogging advocate and I believe it to be a great avenue to leverage the knowledge within our organization thereby strengthening the brand and communications.

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    Thank you! Blogs are terrific! So good for SEO and getting your message out there to new people everyday. Good luck with everything and I am glad you found the site so useful!

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    I have had blogs for B2C but not successfully with a B2B company I am involved with. Will have to reconsider and implement it in a better way. Thanks for opening the eyes for some of us more stuck in our ways.

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