How To Use Twitter Search For B2B Lead Generation

Advanced Twitter Search

Online data is rampant and businesses need tools to help cut through the clutter to find what they are looking for. A question that I hear often from B2B companies is: how do I find my customers on Twitter? When businesses start using Twitter the hardest thing to do is figure out who else is out there talking about info relevant to your business. Many people know about Twitter search, but advanced Twitter search and additional Twitter search tools are often over looked.

Going Beyond Simple Twitter Search:

One of the major keys to mining Twitter for information is being able to find the most relevant information to your business: customers, thought leaders, media analysts. Using advanced search allows business to dig deeper into conversations.

People Advanced Twitter Search

If you find a key reporter or analyst that covers your business on Twitter, leverage the people search feature to see who they have been talking to about your industry. This can help identify what your competitors relationships are like with influencers and help you determine the type of information and trends that they are covering. Knowing this can help your business to tell its story better.

Places Advanced Twitter Search

B2B sales team members can harness the places feature in Twitter Advanced Search to identify leads in their sales area by searching for users discussing questions related to products in key cities.

Searching Twitter Bios To Identify Prospects:
TweepSearch __ telecommunications

When identifying sales prospects and influencers on Twitter, bio information is a key tool. Tweep Search is a third party tool that enables users to search Twitter bios for keywords. As seen in the image above gathering listings of users by industry and expertise is free and simple. This information can be used to generate leads and build a relevant Twitter follower base.

Genrating leads can be time consuming and expensive, but using some advanced Twitter Search features at least make it a little easier.


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    Tweepsearch is a good tool. While the site is free, you can opt to pay to have your Twitter profile put at the top of the results for a keyword of your choice for $10 for 30 days, or share with five others for $5.

    Another free third-party tool for searching Twitter bios for keywords is

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    I agree. Tweepsearch is a good tool & I use it often.
    Great Article.As you said “Generating leads is expensive and time consuming but this makes it more easier”

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