20 Ideas For B2B Blog Content To Drive Traffic and Boost SEO

We have written about blogs a fair amount on Social Media B2B lately because it seems to be a good way for business to business companies to begin to understand the social web and the building of a community around their business. A new blog is started with lots of ideas and energy, but invariably, you hit a wall where you don’t know what to write about. Sometimes that happens after just a few posts, or it may happen after a few months, but at some point in the early life of a blog, you will wonder what to write about. And business blogs are saddled with the additional responsibility of needing to drive traffic and enhancing the search results of your site. So we offer the following list of ideas for blog content for your B2B blog:

1. Write about trends in your industry
2. Profile your customers
3. Review a recent trade show or conference
4. List the top ten twitter users in your industry
5. List the top five blogs in your industry
6. Write how-to posts about your product or service
7. Start a contest and ask for submissions
8. Profile your employees
9. Explain industry terms for either the novice or the industry veteran
10. Interview industry leaders using emailed questions and responses.
11. Respond to a current event relevant to your business
12. Discuss the latest industry research in the context of your business
13. Use Trendrr to create graphs of industry information
14. Ask a question on Twitter and blog the answers
15. Interview journalists and analysts that cover your industry
16. Share outrageous product stats and specifications
17. Compile the top ten blog posts on a specific industry topic
18. Post teaser pictures of new products in development
19. Giveaway product samples, service trials or company swag for comments
20. Share a list of ideas for other B2B bloggers to use to help creative content for their blogs

Please leave additional ideas for good business blog content in the comments. And if you have used any of these ideas and have increased the traffic to your site with them, please let us know.


  1. says

    Great post. At FohBoh, we are always looking for new community management/stimulus ideas. Recently, we engaged a group in Manila to work with us on SEO and other outreach traffic building programs to generate more traffic. This list of tactics will surely help that effort. I’ll let you know how that works with 3 full time assistant community managers working while we are sleeping.

    BTW, FohBoh has over 12,000 members now with a reach of at least 25,000 restaurants. So far, so good.


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