Social Media Best Practices from SAS, Part 2

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with David Thomas, Social Media Manager with SAS, the business analytics and business intelligence software company, and talk about social media in a B2B environment. This is part two of our interview. Here is a link to part one.

He talked about handling multiple requests for social media information, sharing best practices among employees who don’t normally communicate externally, and the importance of social media guidelines. He made an important point for people who are reluctant to dive into social media. If you can trust your employees to interact with customers at trade shows, by telephone and email, it is easy to trust them to communicate using social media tools. And even if you don’t think your customers are using social media, you need to monitor these channels for mentions about your industry so you can be prepared when they do start using it.

Here is a link to the presentation David mentioned by Charlene Li entitled Convince the Curmudgeon.

To learn more about David and social media at SAS, read his blog at and follow him on Twitter @DavidBThomas

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