Social Media Best Practices from SAS, Part 1

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with David Thomas, Social Media Manager with SAS, the business analytics and business intelligence software company, and talk about social media in a B2B environment.

He talked about bringing people together from various parts of the company and developing a social media plan that touches everything SAS does. He mentioned six areas of focus that they built out as their approach to social media: social networks, blogs, podcasting, video, wikipedia and content syndication. And on top of everything else, the company must provide good content. The deliberate and inclusive process that David described is a good model to follow and best practice for other companies to implement as they are starting social media endeavors.

Since the conversation was rather lengthy, we split it into two parts. This is part one of the interview, and we will post the part two next week. This is a great chance to subscribe to this site by clicking on the orange RSS button in the upper right so you can view part two as soon as it is posted.

To learn more about David and social media at SAS, read his blog at and follow him on Twitter @DavidBThomas


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