B2B Social Media Marketing Examples

Every day new B2B marketers are wading into the social media fishbowl. You can see these trends on Twitter, LinkedIn and blog comments where people new to social media are looking for examples. There are still many naysayers out there who don’t think social media works for business marketing, but there are lots of companies already doing it right and making a difference to their company’s marketing presence and even their bottom line. The most important part of the term social media is the social part. Companies are succeeding by listening to customer comments and engaging with those customers and prospects using appropriate tools for their business.

This ongoing blog series will look at real world examples of business marketers using social media. I will initially begin by selecting companies from Peter Kim’s wiki of social media marketing examples, but would like readers to suggest examples below. New examples are more interesting than ones that have been repeatedly discussed. I will borrow my basic format from Lisa Braziel at Ignite Social Media where she created an alphabetical list of 26 social media marketing examples and each post is a review of one company’s or organization’s social media presence. Since one post a week would take 6 months, I will not create a full list now, since there may be companies added to the list over the next six months.

This is a perfect time begin this series, as one of Peter Kim’s readers did an analysis of the wiki of examples. She analyzed tools used and industries served. I am most interested in the industries served list because I can go to the bottom of the list and choose the B2B industries, like chemicals and industrial equipment. It is most likely that these are companies that have not had much coverage in the social media space. While many of these companies have implemented blogs, I will try to select ones that use different tools for their campaigns so readers can get a broader picture of social media marketing in B2B.

And finally, after each company review is written, we will follow up with agencies and marketing people who run the campaigns for more insights into their goals and results of the social media marketing campaigns. Depending on time and technology, these interviews might be text, audio or video.

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  1. J. Rees says

    Thanks for starting this. This is an area where many business dip their feet in the waters without thinking it through. If you are to believe the media, the examples of bad or embarrassing marketing campaigns out number the brilliant examples. I look forward to following along.

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