Will It Blend Social Media Campaign has B2B Power

YouTube Preview Image As part of my day job at marketing agency, Koroberi, I interviewed George Wright, VP of Marketing, and Kels Goodman, Video Producer, of Blendtec. They are the creators of the popular YouTube videos series, Will It Blend?, which has generated over 200 million views. They spoke to me about the inspiration for the series, the goals behind the campaign, the keys to social media, and how it relates to B2B marketing and corporate culture. They even gave a big shout out to Koroberi.


  1. says

    I’m curious if you think this campaign was so successful because it is both a B2B and B2C product. I read your post on example of B2B Video Marketing, but I also read the Viral Video is not a B2B Marketing strategy. All three of these post seem to contradict each other some what.

    Is video a viable medium for B2B marketing? Only for brand awareness, or can it drive sales as well?

  2. Jeff Cohen says

    The Will it Blend campaign was a B2C campaign highlighting a consumer grade blender. It helped drive B2B sales because of familiarity of the videos. It helped with brand recognition and gave the sales force an easier entry point of discussion. The viral video post did not say video doesn’t help B2B, but that you can’t set out to make a viral video. You need to make the best video you can that serves your goals and do all the things necessary to ensure that it spreads enough to meet those goals. In the end, video is a powerful way to present a message, and its growth on the internet continues to explode. As part of a well-thought out campaign with clear goals and calls to action, video that engages your customers can build brand awareness and drive sales in B2B.

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